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August 2022 EarlyON Program Guide

Who are we?

EarlyON Child and Family Centre

EarlyON Child and Family Centres provide opportunities for children from birth to 6 years of age to participate in play and inquiry-based programs, and support parents and caregivers in their roles. Our EarlyON centres will offer safe and welcoming environments open to all families throughout North & Centre Wellington, with qualified professionals and quality programs. Families and caregivers will be able to find support, advice, make personal connections and access a network of resources.

During our first years of life, the brain develops at an astounding rate. Scientists now know this process is not just genetic but is dramatically influenced by our early experiences with people and our surroundings. (How does Learning happen, Ontario’s Pedagogy for Early Learning) We hold children and childhood in deep regard. We believe parents and caregivers are children’s first teachers that influence positive experiences and outcomes for their children, family and community.


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Contact our Team

Our dedicated EarlyON staff team will continue to be available to provide support to families including answering your questions about parenting, and child development. To access this support, please contact the EarlyON Programme Supervisor, Lindsay Cowan by phone at 519-843-7000 or email [email protected]

For links to activity ideas that you can enjoy with your family, resources & virtual programming, CLICK HERE or visit our FACEBOOK PAGE.  We invite you to reach out to our EarlyON staff to share your ideas, questions and experiences during this time of social distancing.

Stay well and stay connected.

Lindsay CowanSupervisor, EarlyON CFC
PHONE: 519-843-7000
Kerry StorrProgram Facilitator, EarlyON CFC
PHONE: 519-843-7000
Jennifer FrizzellProgram Facilitator, EarlyON CFC
PHONE: 519-843-7000
Ashley LankinProgram Facilitator, EarlyON CFC
PHONE: 519-843-7000
Joanna HummelProgram Facilitator, EarlyON CFC
PHONE: 519-843-7000
Jane SchubertProgram Facilitator, EarlyON CFC
PHONE: 519-843-7000
Krista ZimmermannProgram Facilitator, EarlyON CFC
PHONE: 519-843-7000
Angela BergwerffProgram Facilitator, EarlyON CFC
PHONE: 519-843-7000
Leslie StroederProgram Facilitator, EarlyON CFC
PHONE: 519-843-7000

Parents can call Here4Kids at 1-844-4KIDS-11  to speak with a service coordinator about linking to services for challenges relating to their child’s speech, movement, play, behaviour, learning, and/or development.