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Our outreach program offers community based information, resources, and supports to low-income individuals in Centre Wellington, Wellington North, Minto, and Mapleton Townships. The focus is supporting those most in need in the community while promoting self-sufficiency and community involvement.

In each of our support programs we work under the vision that we reside in a community where every member has the opportunity to succeed. To bring that vision into reality, we provide resources and supports for community members in a way that fosters self-sufficiency. Our Outreach and Support programs do just this by working along side of individuals and families to help them in addressing the need(s) that pose the greatest challenge(s) to their ability to move forward and remain successful in our community.

Each year our Emergency Rent/Utility Bank is exhausted by individuals and families in order to assist with rental arrears, utility arrears, and rental deposits. The funds provided to individuals and families are paid directly to their landlord or utility provider. Ultimately, this financial assistance works to prevent both disconnection and home eviction for residents in our community.

The CRC provides assistance that is regular and/or ongoing, or mid-term to long-term depending on level of need and vulnerability. The delivery of assistance to our households offers ongoing case management; life skills training and system navigation of services. With all these supports in place the desired change is that our families are able to maintain their housing, find appropriate housing, gain knowledge of available services and increase their overall knowledge of all agency supports.

Our Transportation program provides transportation service to low income individuals and families in our community who have no other means of transportation. We also provide transportation to the Newcomer program in Drayton (Low German Mennonite Families). We currently have 24 Volunteer Drivers supporting this program. Our transportation continues to support individuals to health, legal, educational and employment programs throughout Wellington County. These vital appointments support families and allow them to benefit from support from other agencies.

Our Outreach Workers can help you access government programs and complete necessary forms (i.e. SIN, Child Tax Credit, Passports, Rent-Geared -to-Income housing applications etc.).

We’ll help you find resources for appropriate and affordable housing and if necessary, emergency housing. The CRC is recognized as a Door Agency in our community. We provide further programming to assist people at risk of homelessness remained housed. Our community outreach workers will determine if the family or individual is experiencing homelessness in one of the following ways: ( Unsheltered, emergency sheltered, provisionally accommodated, at risk of homelessness). Once the client has been guided through the appropriate steps and it is deemed appropriate the staff will then administer the common assessment tool and offer a case management approach.

Through our partnership with the Canada Revenue Agency, we have trained volunteers who can complete income tax returns. Participants who meet eligibility criteria may have their income tax return prepared, completed, and filed at no cost. Having taxes completed and up to date is key to ensuring access to social assistance programs that in turn help keep families and individuals housed.

Children and youth have access to local pools for the entire summer swimming season. This enables youth to remain physically active over the summer while they are out of school. They are also able to participate in this activity with their family and friends which allows them to maintain important social connections throughout the summer.

We provide children and youth with a new backpack for back to school. Included in these backpacks are school supplies that are appropriate to their grade level (JK 12). We feel that it is important to have children start off school with the necessary supplies they require to assist them in improving their educational outcomes. Research shows education is one of the keys to success in breaking the poverty cycle. We work to have youth begin their school year similar to their peers by having the needed and necessary school materials.

Low-income parents have reduced financial stress in regards to purchasing Christmas presents for their children (i.e. parents do not have to choose between paying hydro bill/rent or purchasing a Christmas gift for their child). It allows parents to have increase food security over the holiday season as they receive grocery gift cards. It also allows parents to increase their self-esteem as they are able to provide a positive holiday experience for their children. A key piece in this program is that youth are also able to have a positive holiday experience. The CRC Partners with the Children’s Foundation of Guelph Wellington to help make this possible.

The Community Resource Centre has partnered with the Alzheimer Society Waterloo Wellington and the City of Kitchener to offer Peer Connections. Peer Connections is a social group for individuals living with dementia, and their care partners. Both groups run at the same time, but meet separately. Peer Connections is a space where individuals can have some fun, socialize, and build networks of community support.

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Lauren PettyCommunity Outreach Supervisor
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Toll Free: 1-866-840-3249
Alex DonaldsonCommunity Outreach Worker
Phone: 519-843-7000
Toll Free: 1-866-840-3249

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